CONGRATS to Tonya and Kelton!!! Pittsburgh wedding photography at Heinz History Center

BIG congrats to Tonya and Kelton on their beautiful wedding!! These guys tied the knot at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church then celebrated at the Heinz History Center. I had a blast working with this bridal party… they were so much FUN! Enjoy a handful of my favorite pics!

We started off at Tonya’s parents’ house where all 11 ladies beautified themselves…

(Well, 11 + 1 little one). Sooo cute!

Good times were had by all!

Love this next shot of bride Tonya getting her makeup on. FAVE!

Um… one more fave!! I knew I had to use those earrings to frame out the makeup application! Yes!

As the ladies were running a bit behind, I headed to the church to grab some shots of the guys.

Meet Kelton!

As the ladies’ limo broke down (?!?!), they arrived just as the ceremony was scheduled to start, in individual cars. But they made it!

Some last minute lotioning-up. Love it! HA!

And makeup touchups…

Then it was time to walk down the aisle! As I explain to all my clients, I do catch a photo of one of the bridesmaids/couples coming down the aisle before I head back for some much more interesting behind-the-scenes shots. Like this one. Or of the bride with her dad. Or the kids peeking into the church. I’m always out for the shots that tell the story!

Kelton seeing his bride for the first time. Love! Photo by my talented assistant Mark.

This shot is classic, and is a specific request from the bride. The tulle on the aisle does a beautiful job of framing Tonya and her dad!

It’s often tough to capture moments like these during the ceremony, unless you know when to expect it. Like when dad first hands her off, or during communion. This one’s an instant favorite for me.

How about the curious flower girl?? Ha!

And time for the kiss!

Tonya was really looking forward to photos on the North Side, so despite a very crunched timeline and an overflow of cars and people (who knew there was a baseball game, a concert, AND Ribs Fest all at once down there???), we headed down there for a few shots. The session was very abbreviated but we ended up with a few definite keepers! A few of my favorites…

Gotta love a silhouette…

Then it was off to the party!!!

First up, first dance!!

Next up, cake cutting. I LOVED the purple uplighting that they used. What great framing for that cake, right??

Then it was time for dancing… And boy, was there DANCING!!! What a crowd!!

Oh, this part was my favorite. Kelton’s fraternity brothers backed him up in a serenade of his beautiful bride. LOVE!!!

Ok one last event… the bouquet toss!!! I’ve seen some pretty wild fights for the bouquet in my day but this one takes the cake. These girls were on the FLOOR!

And the casualty… 😀

One last shot… the beautiful bride and groom at their sweetheart table. LOVE!

Kelton and Tonya, congrats again to you both on your beautiful day!! Much thanks goes out to Mark once again for his help second shooting.