Lori and Matt’s Duquesne Wedding

I hold a special place in my heart for Duquesne University (my almost-alma mater) so I was really looking forward to Lori and Matt’s ceremony at the Duquesne Chapel and party afterward at the Power Center Ballroom on campus. Besides, these guys are super cool and we had a great time at their engagement session in downtown Pittsburgh this winter, so I knew it would be a fun day. And it most definitely was! Despite the rain and a tight timeline, we managed to fit in some pictures of these newlyweds before heading off to the reception. And wow can these guys party- we even had a guest appearance from the Pitt Panther himself!!

Here are a handful of my favorite images of Matt and Lori’s story. I decided to upload here a lot more reception photos than usual, in order to best share the celebratory vibe of the day…

This next one is Lori’s mom seeing the bride for the first time. Love these moments!

Then it was off to the chapel!

Father Valentine clearly knew Matt well and his homily was personal and fun. 

This next one is a favorite for sure!

Since both rain and time limited our options for creative images after the ceremony, we took advantage of a well-lit doorway for some shots of the bride and groom.

Party time!!

LOVE this shot of Lori and her MOH blinking back tears when this courageous flower girl sang Skinamarinkidinkidink to the bride.

After the first dance and a couple of parent dances, this party was STARTED!

So does this guy look familiar? Best. Wedding guest. Ever.

DJ Eric had the bouquet-catcher give the thumbs up when the garter-catcher had earned the right to put on the garter. It didn’t take too long! 2nd II None Productions did a fantastic job keeping the dance floor full all night, and they were great emcees, too!

Best wishes as always to the beautiful bride and groom! Friends and family can find all of the pictures from the day here, using the password that was provided at the wedding.

And of course I want to recognize the wonderful vendors that brought the day together…