I am currently booking weddings through Christina Montemurro. 

What exactly do you mean?

I will be the one to photograph your wedding and/or engagement session! Christina is your primary contact person, and she handles all of the administrative work involved. 

Why did you decide to partner up?

I ran my own photography business happily for over 10 years. As my family grows, though, I've decided to focus on my passion (taking the pictures!) and outsource all the administrative and processing work involved with running the business. Now everyone's happy! :)

Why Christina?

Christina's clients love working with her. She is organized, dedicated, timely, laid back, and she has the best commitment to customer service of any photographer I know. 

I met Christina in 2009 when she was beginning to build her business and she contacted me for some second shooter work. Since then we have traded second shooting services many times, and we are very familiar with each other’s personal and photographic styles. Our skills complement each other well, and I’m excited to see where the match goes!