I am Pamela

* My partner and I have FOUR kids under 6. (Yes, I have my hands full.)

* I collect hobbies like some do lucky pennies... making jewelry, painting, traithloning, spanish, sky diving. I'll try most anything once! 

* Like many, I had to leave Pittsburgh before I could see clearly just how amazing it is. Having lived in NYC, Central America, and California I would pick the 'Burgh in a heartbeat. 

* The only thing I'm ever really decisive about is picking my favorite photographs. 

* I shoot families, too! With my camera, that is. www.pamelaanticole.com


Your Day, Your Story.

I incorporate a unique blend of documentary and fine art styles into my wedding work. My ultimate goal is to tell YOUR story, so on your day I will function more as a fly-on-the-wall than a director. I am competent with lighting formal group shots and will move through these as quickly as possible. But I also do invite you to set aside a bit of time to create natural portraits in a relaxed setting. Get to know me, relax around me, and help me figure out how to do this in a way that makes it the right experience for you. 

Feel relaxed to be genuinely you

(But don't take it from me... hear what my clients have to say!) 


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